Advance Targeting

Targeting features are not only limited to Geos but also can be expanded to the Carrier, Languages,
OS versions and deliver right campaigns to the right audience.


Create Intelligent Tracking URLs which distribute traffic as per requirements.
Alternatively, distribute traffic through weighted splitters.

Affiliate Interface

Ultimate Affiliate Dashboard UI with fast and prompt reporting &
quick offer setup.

Infinite Scalability

Any number of impressions clicks you are dealing with, No worries about infrastructure,
We are able to handle billions of events every day.



Multiple Targeting options

Target your audience in the most effective way ever. Targeting is not only limited to Geos but also can be expanded to the carrier, languages, os and deliver campaigns to the right audience.

Event Tracking and Custom Goals

Beyond the limit of running single conversion campaigns without any event/goal, you'll be able to check the conversion derived from each particular event by creating custom events/goals for campaigns.

User Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface, with ease in account setup, we have moved the learning curve downwards with a simple and easy to understand by a walkthrough, tooltips, quick demonstrations available.