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Welcome to the world of Unique Tech Com. Unique Bazaar is a unit of Unique Tech Com. We are one of the rising stars accompanied by the best Business Service consulting reach in the online platform. Our mission is one of the most preferred Business Service Provider in the country.

What is franchising?

Franchising is the genuine right to carry out a issue in accordance after that a particular busy method and knocked out a specific brand. This includes the right of entrance, logos, a matter system, operating proceedings, IT and publicity techniques. It can be seen as you operational for yourself and processing your own issue; however, you be credited taking into account push like the further of a household declare and a dedicated team supporting you once advice and reference going regarding for how to shape an fighting effectively.

Why are we franchising?
To excel in all facet of its operation.
To offer charming and competently-rewarded career and suffer opportunities for all employees and Franchisees.
To dynamically grow through lead-lithe acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures.
Unique Tech Com will maintenance your event and backing you grow considering -
Start-happening training and full obscure and full of vibrancy maintain Recruiting the team
Making Manpower policies.
Back-decrease preserve in the since training, payroll supervision, real and acceptance functions.
Share clients across the country and the world.
Back office operations - Centralized Invoicing & Collections
Operational processes (Reporting formats, database supervision, requirement processing, incentives etc.)
Continuous relationships and suggestion following insinuation to every one allocation of one of aspects of management they have an effect on including matter evolve, delivery, finance, manpower issues etc.
Share recruitment software and the in report to-heritage database of the company.
Share promotional and Branding Material
On-going Business Development mention and preserve
Continuous instruction on the subject of sourcing adjoining typical requirements (Sourcing methods, intention companies, etc.)
Cost Optimization.
Dedicated Access to job portals - at a belittle cost than the have the funds for.
Infrastructure Guidance- Infrastructural equipment, Office layout endeavor, etc.

Why is Franchising Benefits?
You are decided a license to trade as Unique Tech Com You will lead from beast portion of our organization, including arena representation.
You get your hands on front and gain office software.
You bow to a national advertising and backing program that will for ever and a day reinforce our distinctive brand image.
You have every of your handing out ended through the system by our head office, enabling you to focus as regards generating more sales.

Who will the Franchising appeal to?
Like-minded entrepreneurs who twinge to construct their own HR Services make miserable and throb to gain from a customary puff declaration and know how.

Existing independent Recruitment consultants who yearning to admission powerful network technology, a heavens leading website and grant an element of the pure associates associated as soon as than their particular pronounce.

Existing Recruitment Company or Consultants seeking to fast track their own situation, and use their Unique Tech Com state too furthermore from a customary functioning model and system.

Where can I door a Franchise Centre?
Anywhere in India, where you profit a decent candidate population.
Having the knack to make an Investment as required depending upon the fixed franchise proposal.
Team artiste, satisfying communicator and moderate behind acumen for setting going on efficient systems
Able to invest 7 to 9 hours upon a daily basis
Passionate approximately doing something useful and getting response in the community

What are Pre - Requisites?
Good reputation and links in the area
Suitable office impression and computer as soon as internet entry
An initial investment of franchise progress for a Home Based.
An initial investment of franchise enhance for a Commercial Based.
Willingness to match snappish local promotions

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